Sick 3 Year Old Girl Wakes Up Miraculous Healed – Then Tells Dad About Her Prayer

It is incredible what a little prayer can do for a tiny soul, and how asking for one thing can turn your life around. When one little girl was feeling sick, she did what she felt would make her feel better. She prayed to God to heal her, and cure her of her illness. She said her prayers, and waited for God’s response.

To her surprise, the little girl felt completely better. She comes out to her family’s living room and announces to her Dad that she has been healed. She is still wearing her pajamas, as she was resting up from not feeling well. She tells her Dad, who is filming the video, that she had prayed to God to heal her, and that He has answered her prayers. She is amazed at the fast response to her prayer, and how much better she feels after asking God for healing.

She knew that asking God for the gift of health would cure her of her sickness. She is completely adorable as she exclaims her appreciation for God’s blessing. Everyone could learn a lesson in gratitude from this little girl. Watch this video to see how she rejoices from her newfound health.

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