4 People Witness Angels Pulling People From Deadly Car Crash

Four Lives intersected on Highway 6 in Crawford, Texas on a Rainy day. These four people say that they had a supernatural encounter…

Lisa’s car slid full speed into Anthony’s car. The impact flipped multiple times and both cars were on Fire. Lisa began to pray “God help me!” She cried out to God for a miracle.They felt it and declared it in their heart that nobody was going to die that day.

They received a miracle from God! In an instant a pedestrian named Cody came to the rescue! As he was taking Lisa by the hands to pull her out of the car Lisa says that she saw another set of white glowy hands on top of Cody’s. They were angelic hands! God sent an angel that day to save Lisa’s life!

The worst wasn’t over yet! In the other car Anthony laid there unconscious the car had just went up in more flames! Another eyewitness says she cried up, “God, You have to help this man!” In seconds Anthony became conscious and she says he floated out and laid on the ground!

Even though Anthony laid unconscious he says without a doubt he knew God had saved his life!

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