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4-Year-Old Kanon Tipton Preaches

Young gospel preacher phenomenon

He’s only a pre-schooler, but Kanon Tipton has become a YouTube sensation with his pentecostal preaching.

Millions have viewed video clips of Tipton as a 21-month-old and now as a 4-year-old preaching from the pulpit of his father’s church in Grenada, Miss., in a manner much like many evangelists – everything from shouting and waving his arms to jumping and wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.
Since then, the young preacher has developed quite a reputation. His emotional delivery, dramatic cadence and back-and-forth pacing behind the pulpit are faithful replications of the mannerisms he’s seen demonstrated by other preachers.
“The Lord is here tonight — and his name is Jesus!’’ he proclaims in one clip. “There’s only one God.’’

“It really captures the audience — the fact that a little child like this can be saying some things like that,’’ his father said.

“I like to stand up there,’’ Kanon told Guthrie. “Because I just see my daddy preach all the time.’’

Is he just imitating his dad’s mannerisms, or could Kanon truly mean the words he’s preaching?

“I think it’s a little of both,’’ said Damon. “Yes, children absorb whatever you put in front of them (and) all of his life thus far, he’s been around the ministry. Of course he is mimicking, but I do feel like the hand of God is on him in a special way.’’

Because Kanon is so young, his parents have limited the amount of interviews they let him give. He does not preach for an entire service.

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