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5 Days In Heaven And Hell (Testimony)

Sister Bernarda Fernandez was taken on 2 Journeys to Heaven and Hell with Jesus. She was shown the Heavenly rewards prepared for the Lord’s saints, the Rapture, the Great Banquet and the crows of life. And she saw the condition of the Church, the coming judgments, and the lost souls in Hell.

Jesus approached me, touched my head and told me: “I am Jesus who died for you. Look at these marks in My hands, they are still there for you. I came down from My throne of glory to speak to you; there are many things in your life to put right. You are lazy and quick-tempered. Moreover, I do not want 25% Christian nor 95%, but 100%. If you want to go to heaven, you have to be holy as I myself am holy; I came to take you for a journey.”

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  1. Our LORD Jesus Christ be with us always, yure Holy forever my Lord. protect us from every kind of evil, my Lord. cant be tired from praying you my LORD. Amen.

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