American Idol Contestant Rejected For Her Faith Trusts In God

It’s not easy to keep the faith when God says no. But that’s just what American Idol reject Moriah Peters did after being mocked and turned away by the judges for her Christian beliefs. And now, looking back, Moriah sees how that rejection led to much better things God had planned for her life!

It was Moriah Peters’ mom who convinced her to try out for the popular singing show. She told her daughter it was what God wanted. So, Moriah decided to try out.

She certainly had the talent. But her traditional values are the kind Hollywood finds laughable.

The young Christian girl led a Bible study, and had promised to save her first kiss for her wedding day. During her audition, the judges mocked Moriah for her commitment to her faith. They wanted sexy and edgy — not wholesome and grounded. They told Moriah to go out and get some “real-life” experience

WATCH: American Idol reject Moriah Peters talks about the failed audition

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