Atheist Professor Who Thinks Christians Are Idiots Silenced After Dying And Witnessing Hell!

Rev. Howard Storm was an arrogant College Atheist Professor at Northern Kentucky University. He was an avowed atheist and antagonistic to Christians. He even labels everyone who believes in God as ‘Idiots’. He didn’t find joy in anything and often would use rage to control everyone around him. He had no faith in everything and believed with certainty that the material world was the full extent of everything that was. He considered all belief systems associated with God to be fantasies for people to deceive themselves with. Beyond what science said, there was nothing else.

But one day, on June 1, 1985, at the age of 38, Howard Storm nearly died due to a damage of the stomach. He had a near death experience about hell that changed his life forever.

Watch this amazing testimony and share to bless others. Jesus loves you!

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