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Baby Monitor Captures Baby Praying To God For All The People She’s Thankful For

Wow, what a beautiful video caught on camera! Right after mommy and daddy lay her down to sleep they step out the room to witness on their baby monitor her going through all the people she’s thankful for.

It appears she says something like… “Thank you mommy, thank you Santa Clause, and ducky, and mommy and Sarah, and momma, and Stacy, and Pop, and Sarah, and Andrew, and… um… Dana… and thank you um Robert… thank you um (something)… thank you Grandma, thank Lane, and Jesus, and Daddy, and Momma, and Daddy and then….. um Chris… Dora… and Angel… and thank you um…”

Basically for two full minutes the little girl carefully went through each name she wanted to pray for and spoke her words with a lot of dedication and reverence. It was so cute the mom, Kathryn Whitt decided to release the video of her praying onto Facebook.

Sutton’s prayer has since been view over 2.7 million times on Facebook and this is truly a beautiful example of raising your child right. Take a look at this ADORABLE video below!

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