Bedridden Patient Baptized In the Hospital

Thousands have been blessed when Crystal Tackett uploaded a video on Facebook about her father being baptized in the hospital. Clark Regional Medical Center granted her Father’s wish to get baptized in the name of Jesus which is the reason why this emotional, powerful and wonderful moment happened.

Crystal Tackett shared that her father, Jack Sowder is already bedridden and experienced series of strokes and various illnesses. But that doesn’t stop him from pursuing Jesus even more. He expressed his deepest desire to know and encounter Jesus and surrender his life to Him through water baptism, but considering his condition, they thought it wouldn’t be possible.

But a miracle just happened, minutes after Jack Sowder shared his request to the Hospital staff, his wish came true. Hospital staffs together with the Clark County Office Department, Rural King, and High Point Apostolic Church were all hand in hand to assist this new believer in Christ. Such a wonderful moment of unity and kindness was overflowing the moment Jack Sowder was finally baptized in the water.

Because of what happened, Tackett realized that there’s still hope for humanity. She expressed her gratitude to the kindhearted people especially to the hospital staffs who never hesitated to help her Father.

“If there’s a will, there’s a way. And if it’s God’s will then it will happen” said Tackett.

God indeed has been using the lives of these people just to show to us that God can do impossible things. He will possibly make a way for his beloved children.

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