Blind Mom Prays At Church. 3 Days Later, She Can See Again – And Doctors Have No Explanation

PHOENIX, Az. – Doctors told a Valley mother she would never see again. But Dafne Gutierrez can now see her children’s faces with 20-20 vision.

Her recovery has drawn national attention, and members of the Maronite Catholic Church consider it evidence of a divine act.

After struggling with medical issues, Gutierrez went blind in her right eye in 2012. She says she lost vision completely in both eyes in November 2015.

A physician diagnosed Gutierrez with benign intracranial hypertension – a condition where pressure in the brain mounts for no obvious reason, said Dr. Anne Borik, an internist who reviewed Gutierrez’s case and medical files for the church.

“This is a condition where the pressure in the brain is so high that oftentimes it strangulates the optic nerves,” said Dr. Borik. “Unfortunately once the blindness occurs, it’s irreversible.”

That was a crushing diagnosis for the mother of four.

“For me, I was like, ‘Please God, let me see those faces again. Let me be their mother again.’ Because I feel like [my kids] were watching me, taking care of me 24-7,” Gutierrez said.

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