Fatal Car Crash Survivor Credits Prayer As She Heals

Crash Survivor Agnes Kim Finds Strength In Faith

Many months and six surgeries later, along with extensive physical therapy, Agnes is making huge strides. While she’s in a wheelchair, Agnes is regaining control in her movement and speech.

But it’s not just her physical wounds prayer is helping heal. Losing her four friends so violently and unexpectedly has left her battling guilt, too.

“I’m still working on my swallowing and my balance, and not blaming myself for the girls who didn’t make it in my accident,” she said.

And she credits prayer with her impressive progress.

“I think your prayers are working because I’m now on my way to getting back to my normal,” Agnes said.

Difficult times like these will test even the strongest faith. But the power of pray keeps Agnes moving forward.

She says she’s “being motivated by (A) God (B) the girls and (C) my family.” And though crash survivor Agnes Kim still has a long way to go, her faith and perseverance is an inspiration to all those around her.

Though the journey has been anything but easy, Agnes’ perseverance and unshakeable faith is truly inspiring.

“God put me in this situation to show me how much I am loved,” she says.

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