Caught Live: God Heals Pastor As He Preaches On Healing (A Miracle That Brought Tears To My Eyes…)

This is a special video from the last weekend of our Get Back Up series where Pastor Matt Fry shares a story of a miracle.

This story of Duane Miller’s healing is, well, almost too miraculous to believe. Incredibly, though, it was caught on an audio recording.

As Pastor Matt Fry of C3 Church in North Carolina explains in the following video, Miller was a pastor in Texas who got sick with something like the flu. This particular flu was so severe that it attacked Miller’s vocal cords and left him without much of a voice. Miller was so desperate to recover his voice, he consulted over 200 doctors, including 63 specialists.

One Sunday, a Bible study teacher wasn’t able to teach due to sickness, and knowing Miller’s background, the church asked him to teach the class. Miller was hesitant at first, but eventually agreed and was outfitted with a special microphone that would be able to pick up whatever sound he was able to produce.

It just so happened that the lesson queued up for that week was on Psalm 103—which Pastor Miller interpreted as God heals our sin, but doesn’t always heal our physical bodies…

As he realizes what is happening Miller utters “Thank you Lord.” You can hear him choke up with emotion. Check out this amazing moment at 4:30 into the video below.

Honestly, you have to hear it for yourself and grasp God’s miracle right before you! To God be all the Glory! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

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