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This Is Just The Perfect Example Of God’s Perfect Timing (Caught On Camera)

These clips are truly (caught on camera) stories of God saving people just in the nick of time – and it’s good people being guided by God’s Will that allows it all to work out gracefully.

This video completely embodies the fact that Jesus came from Heaven to teach the world this one BEAUTIFUL message – love your neighbor. As you’ll see, it’s full of scenes of people who love their neighbor. Even when their neighbor is a stranger or an animal, everyone seen as loved, precious and worth saving.

Watching the 6 minutes of this video you’ll gain a real perspective of what it’s like to be a true hero. There’s nothing that’s gonna make you feel more fulfilled than helping someone in desperate need (other than knowing Jesus). Nothing goes unnoticed by God, so as you go throughout your day today look around and see if there’s something or someone you can make a difference in their life.

God LOVES US beyond measure – be inspired and take a look at God’s Perfect Timing.

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