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Celebrites Talking About Jesus and What GOD Means to Them. INSPIRING!

Sometimes celebrities are not the greatest role models. Many times we hear of them being involved with crime, acting crazy, destroying relationships and just doing things that are plain crazy! We hear a lot of bad things about famous people, but there is also a lot of good news about certain celebrities that we never hear about!

Although the media mostly focuses on negative things done by famous people (some of which aren’t even true), there are a lot of famous people who do great things in the name of Jesus! There are many celebrities that love God and are devout Christians. We may not always hear about their religion, but there is evidence that these people really do love the Lord and seek after Jesus as they pursue their careers in acting, singing, dancing, etc.

Some of these famous celebrities have starred in amazing movies and TV shows. Others are wonderful singers and performers. Now it is time to hear what they have to say about God! Watch the amazing video below and share it with your friends and family to spread good news!


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