Christian Woman Goes To Hell – Find Out Why

This girl’s name is Janice and she was a proper Christian for her whole life – she went to church, treated people with kindness and sought to live a life God would be proud of. But slowly, she realized that her life had become all about vanity. She cared about her house, her looks and her outward appearance way more than she should. She occasionally smoked, drank and cursed. And she knew this wasn’t the life God wanted her to live. So she cried out to Jesus, “God, show me how to love you more!”

That night after she fell asleep, she says her soul traveled to another place. She immediately knew that she was in Hell. When she asked why she was there, she was told that this was the place for Christians who didn’t do their job on Earth. As someone who was “lukewarm” about Jesus, she had ended up there.

As Janice thought about her life choices, she felt regret, stress, despair and depression. She felt like a failure! And she immediately knew that if she didn’t change her ways, she would end up in Hell for good.

When Janice woke up, she changed her life. She began spreading Jesus’ gospel everywhere she went. She realized more than ever that everything she had is a gift from God, and it’s nothing to be taken for granted.

Check and share this amazing testimony in a video below. God bless you all!

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