Did This Crowd Of Believers Just Get A Hurricane To Stop In The Name Of Jesus Christ?

Have you ever saw a group of people command mother nature in the name of Jesus like what appears to be happening here in this video? This (caught on camera) footage, is truly a SIGHT TO SEE.

It starts of with an Islander walking around the village filming with his cell phone as a massive hurricane comes swirling towards them in the distance. With nothing but the name of Jesus in their arsenal the people around him stand strongly together in their faith and chant those powerful words at the hurricane

This is just another GREAT example of Gods grace saving people from death and destruction. It’s absolutely inspiring to watch everyone come together (without fear) and call-upon Jesus Christ.

As you’ll see in this video below it doesn’t matter that the hurricane can easily take out their entire village – because the people stand vigilant in their faith knowing God is in control.

It’s truly INCREDIBLE to witness what was caught on film here.

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