Deaf Man Thought That Jesus Was Fake, But When His Hearing Was Restored He Broke Into Tears!

Todd White – Lifestyle Christianity

Todd White, a man of God who is known for street evangelism, goes everywhere in the world to release the love of God and be a vessel of healings and miracles to people. He goes to places where unbelievers, atheists, polytheists, and beggars are present. Wherever he goes, he releases the kingdom of God so that people will believe that our God is real and He loves every single person in the world.

One of the people he met was an old  man who was  80% deaf in one ear and completely deaf in the other one.  He was totally skeptic at first.

“More than my hearing, I want something that is real. I don’t want something that is fake. I’ve lived and known fake for too long and I don’t want that .”

Todd kept talking to him and convincing him that Jesus wants to restore his hearing. He told him that “Jesus is authentic. The gospel is authentic.”

He prayed for him a couple of times. At first, there was no improvement until there was a gradual change. Todd didn’t give up on him and he just continued praying for him, commanding deafness to leave in Jesus’ name, and convincing him to believe in Jesus until finally, his hearing was 100% restored.

He broke into tears and couldn’t speak. He said “I can hear right now, but I can’t talk.”  He was speechless. Finally, he has encountered “something real” in his life and that is JESUS!

Watch full story below. This will surely bless your heart!

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