Drug Addict Testifies How He Found Healing And New Life Because Of Jesus

Substance addiction is a tough path. Lives are ruined because of it.

Growing up, Grant Butler never lived a sheltered life. In his teens he tried out weed and immediately got hooked smoking every single day until such time that the weed would no longer suffice pushing him to try out all sorts of drugs as well. When he ran out of money to buy drugs he would steal from his family and pawned his possessions to be able to get drugs again.

Butler dropped out of high school and got kicked out from his parents house. When nothing seemed to be working out anymore he prayed to God to fix him and his situation. Weeks later his family decided to help him get better by putting him in a ‘breaking free program’ that helps youths overcome substance addiction.

Butler’s life changed as his relationship with Jesus grew. He found the love that satisfies, forgives and accepts him for he is. Butler is now a church leader and plays with a contemporary Christian Band and is a living testimony about how Jesus sets the addicts free.

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