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An Ancient Set of Lead Tablets Showing the Earliest Portrait of Jesus Christ Have Proved to be Around 2,000 Years Old

A set of lead tablets or allegedly found in a cave in Jordan around 2008 mention Jesus and his disciples and appear to contain a portrait. A recent test of the bound tablets or codex has been completed and put their age at about 2000 years old. If that’s true, it would make these lead pages the oldest known documents to refer to Jesus. Are they real?

The story of the lead tablets, bound with rings, starts with an Israeli Bedouin named Hassan Saeda who either discovered them in a Jordanian cave after a flood or received them from his great-grandfather who found them under the same circumstances. The cave was reportedly in a part of Jordan where Christians fled after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE.

The tests prove that the lead tablets are about 2000 years old. Reading them proves they mention the name of Jesus, making them a 2000-year-old document that mentions Jesus – probably the oldest ever discovered.

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