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Ex-Satanist Leader Shocks Everyone by Abandoning ‘Luciferianism’, Accepting JESUS – and Getting Baptized

A former Satanist leader has abandoned the Luciferian church he helped start, publicly proclaiming during a Christian church service last month that he and his wife are now born-again Christians.

“(W)e were once covered in darkness and bound to each other in Luciferian covenant,” Jacob McKelvy said. “We were mired in the shadows of the adversarial influence and knew no love outside of each other. Today I rebuke, denounce and break the satanic covenant by the blood of Jesus.”

He made these proclamations during a service at Spring First Church in Houston, Texas, on Feb. 5, with both he and his wife subsequently getting baptized at the end of the church service. McKelvy later explained in an interview with CBN News that Luceriferianism is an “evolved form of Satanism,” with a philosophy that’s taken from many different sources. It’s important to note that not all adherentsworship Satan, as some do not believe in his existence, yet see him as a symbolic liberator.

Either way, McKelvy’s conversion is noteworthy for a number of reasons. First, he was obviously a satanist, making his decision to become a Christian that much more intriguing and noteworthy. But an added element to the story is that he had actually helped found a Luciferian church in Texas, as CBN News reported.

Despite growing up a Mormon, McKelvy told the outlet that he first became a satanist after his sister died of a snakebite, feeling as though God had taken her away from him. Experiencing a spiritual crisis of sorts, he later founded the Greater Church of Lucifer in October 2015 — a church that sparked quite a bit of debate in Houston.

“There was a lot of hopelessness and feeling of powerlessness that drew me to this,” McKelvy said of his decision to embrace satanism. “When Luciferianism says that you are your own God, that’s pretty powerful.”

It didn’t take long, though, for McKelvy to look for something deeper, and in August 2016, he felt compelled to walk into Spring First Church, where he asked to meet with Pastor Robert Hogan.

The preacher, who was well aware of the Greater Church of Lucifer and had been encouraging parishioners to pray for McKelvy and others there rather than picket on the streets, wasn’t there that day, but the pastor later called him and the two talked for hours. It was during that conversation that McKelvy decided to become a Christian.

Watch McKelvy and his wife share their newfound faith – and get baptized — below:

Now, McKelvy believes he has a message that can help others who are struggling like he once was.

“No matter how far away from God you think you are, there is always a way home,” he said. “I created a church to destroy dogmatic religion and he still loved me. So, if he could still love me for me to be here today talking to you than there are no excuses anymore.”

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