Ex Satanist Reveals Satans Tricks and Tactics!

Testimonials of John Ramirez

A man comes out of Satanism to embrace a profession of faith in the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Wonderful! But what if his profession is in vain because he continues to follow Satan, except now transformed into an angel of light? Better not to take the Name of God upon oneself, if His fruits of righteousness aren’t forthcoming. The Lord does not hold such guiltless.

John Ramirez was a devil worshiper who practiced withcraft for 25 years. Today, he is a God-fearing man of the Lord. And in this video, you’ll hear all about the tricks he experienced when he knew Satan — and why he decided to come back to Christ.

Ramirez says that as a devil worshiper for so many years, he was in Satan’s army. He took on the role of a soldier for the devil. His Satanist teachers told him that he must steer people away from Jesus by telling them that the cross was a figment of their imagination. Once people believed this, he and his fellow devil worshippers could bring people down more and more. Eventually, he was taught to tell people that they couldn’t fulfill their potential — because that’s what Satan wants.

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