God Gave Girl Visions Of Heaven and Jesus and Now She Paints What She Saw

Four year old has visions of meeting God, which later turns into her assignment on earth.

Akiane Kramarik was four years old when she started having visions of meeting God. She started to put what she had seen, on paper; this eventually led to her painting beautiful pieces of art.

At a young age she had never even been introduced to the concept of God, much less talking and sharing about Him. Her dad was agnostic and her mom was atheist. After her encounters with God and sharing them with her parents, they too began to be changed by the realness of God in her life.

At age six she started painting, and now she has painted more than 200 pieces of art. At only 8 years old she painted the picture of Jesus called “The Prince of Peace.” It is a very famous painting that is also featured in the book ,“Heaven is for Real.”

Through God, Akiane has left a mark on this world. She has given hope that there is a Creator who dearly loves us, and that He has a beautiful place prepared for us when we leave this world. Through what she has seen and shared, we can see God’s love for His children and everyone else in the world.

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