Are These Moments When God Intervened And Saved A Life

From people walking away from eighteen wheelers jack-knifing, to almost being ran over as pedestrians, to completely running off the road avoiding hitting on-coming traffic! Over and over in this video there are moments when God stepped in just at the right second preventing death.

Do YOU believe God can prevent death? I will tell you one thing I know, all things are possible with God and I believe He saved ALL these people from the devils evil plan.For “we are given guardian angels to keep watch over us” (Psalm 91:11). These people could have easily died time after time… but God decided to protect these people. There is no other explanation for a person being inches away from death and yet not dying- except Gods grace. 

It’s days when we leave the house a few minutes late to find a wreck up the road. The moments when we have left a certain location to find out that something terrible has happened there soon after. It’s them times that the car swerves back on their side of the road, seconds before a collision.

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