Did God Part The Clouds And Line Up The Sun Perfectly To Create This Holy Symbol?

It appears a man steps out onto his porch only to look up and see what might be a GIANT SIGN from God in the sky. Now if this is real – it’s certainly one of the coolest cloud moments we’ve ever seen.

The footage below is is truly a sight to see because not only is it clearly the symbol of the cross outlined with Jesus hanging on it and His sign attached to the top of the cross, but also about 1 minute and 15 seconds into the video something truly AMAZING happens… The sun becomes perfectly aligned with the middle of the cross and shines this bright and holy light filling up the entire sky.

What do you think when you watch this happen? – Is this a sign that God is still on the throne? – Does “the sun” SHINING through “the cross” symbolize “The Son Of Man” is coming back (because the light was coming through the clouds in the sky)? What ever it is and whatever it means, only God honestly knows. Regardless, we’d love to share this with y’all to give us some feedback on what you think is happening here.

Take a look now in at the video below and SHARE with us on Facebook what you think!

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