God Saves Man From Great White Shark Attack

God used dolphins to save this mans life from a near death shark attack

There is evidence that God is all around us if we chose to see it… Psalm 34;7….
IF men will not see the obvious small things, how can we expect God to show us greater things of His glory.. Only those who chose to see, can see. P.S. Maybe God has this hidden from the unbelievers…

Going out one morning on a beautiful day to catch some waves being attacked by a 12 foot great white shark was the last night on Todd’s mind. He was out there for no longer than 45 minutes when he found himself being shredded and shaken viciously.
Even then while bleeding profusely through the grace go God he was able to make it to the hospital. He ended up getting 500 stitches and 200 staples and survived the attack. He went on to say, “I wasn’t meant to die, a higher power was looking after me and intentionally sent these dolphins to be there at the right time and save me.”

Thank you our Lord in Heaven! Only you could intervene in such a way as this! What a beautiful divine way to save this man from the killer shark who was only doing what was natural to it, but for these dolphins to miraculously appear & defend this man being attacked by a great white was divine intervention as well as the gentle wave that carried him to shore! What an amazing testimony!

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