Grandma’s Testimony of Seeing Jesus Will Make You Cry

The unnamed grandmother shared during an interview conducted by her daughter, that she saw Jesus and had a great conversation during which He was kind and loving toward her. According to the video taped interview, Jesus is not only beautiful but He is nice, kind and affirming. When asked how Jesus looked, her only reply was that he is beautiful and that he is pretty.

Although she seemed a bit disappointed about how the visit ended, she stated that Jesus told her that she was determined and that she has done a great job as a parent and grand mother. She lamented that he did not allow her to go with him and was adamant about the fact that she wanted to go. She continued, “He is beautiful and I love Him so much.” When she tells her daughter that Jesus ‘didn’t want her’ the daughter clarifies the exchange and then encourages the mom that Jesus left her because she still has more to do here on earth.

Watch this sweet grandma talk about Jesus in the video below and share it with your friends/family!

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