He Plays, “Hallelujah” On Crystal Glasses Of Water And It Sounds Heavenly!

Stunning! So beautiful!

This gifted street artist does an incredible job of playing the song, “Hallelujah” on crystal water glasses. He is not using any other extra instruments, but if you listen closely he manages to pull what sounds like the music of a violin, and harp from these glasses. You will notice as his hands quickly fly over the glasses he even seems to pull, or pluck at the glasses in what looks like a similar way to playing a harp. What he does sounds absolutely angelic, even heavenly. If you like the song, “Hallelujah” then you’re going to love this! – See more at: http://faithreel.com/hallelujah-on-water-glasses-sounds-heavenly/#sthash.79J0sPqF.dpuf

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