What Is Heaven Like? Many Amazing Details Revealed

With over 1000 visits to Heaven, Kat brings great insight into the Kingdom of God, and explains the scripture that reveals it. She paints a picture of what Heaven really looks like. Saying it is more amazing than anyone can imagine. She has been in the Throne Room of God and says it is in His presence where you’ll find this unspeakable glory.

She said God has a body like we do (since we are created in his image). God has a long flowing robe that appears to be alive and the most perfectly trimmed white beard and mustache. His eyes ares glowing with blue flames of fire and are FILLED with this burning passionate love for us that overpowers all judgement.

Press play on this AMAZING video below to learn more about Heaven!

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  1. God’s pure love for each and every one of us is far greater than our next of kins. He has no favourites, and loves us for who we are. Keep the ten commandments and you shall enter His glorious kingdom.

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