Is This the House Where Jesus Grew Up?

A British archaeologist may have discovered the house which Jesus Christ grew up in.

Dr Ken Dark believes that this is where Jesus grew up

The house is partly made of mortar-and-stone walls, and was cut into a rocky hillside. It was first uncovered in the 1880s, by nuns at the Sisters of Nazareth convent, but it wasn’t until 2006 that archaeologists led by Ken Dark, a professor at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, dated the house to the first century, and identified it as the place where people, who lived centuries after Jesus’ time, believed Jesus was brought up.

Dr Ken Dark believes he may have found the humble first century home in Nazareth, northern Israel, as the place where Mary and Joseph brought up the man Christians believe to be the Son of God.

The house was first discovered in the 1880s by nuns at the Sisters of Nazareth convent, but it was not until 2006 that experts dated it to the first century.

In an article in Biblical Archaeological Review, Dr Dark, a professor at the University of Reading, said that there was “no good reason” why the courtyard style house was not the home of Jesus.

The house is located beneath the Sisters of Nazareth Convent, across the road from the Church of Annunciation, according to Dr Dark.

“Great efforts had been made to encompass the remains of this building within the vaulted cellars of both the Byzantine and Crusader churches, so that it was thereafter protected,” Dark said. He describes two churches in Nazareth, one of which was the Church of Annunciation, explained Dr Dark.  “The other stood nearby and was built near a vault that also contained a spring and the remains of two tombs.”

“Between these two tombs was the house in which Jesus was raised.”

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