Indian Muslim Turned To Christianity After Seeing Jesus Christ Personally!

What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ?

Sharon Sabina Natarajan was raised in a Muslim family and she never had any clue about Christianity until the day that she personally met and talked to Jesus Christ!
She completely turned her life to Christ and left her family to follow the truth.

Coming from an affluent Muslim family, Sharon never felt the need for God. Life was handed to her. While preparing for college exams, she heard a voice calling her name, telling her to pray. She cried out, “I do not how to pray! If you are the real God, I want to see you”,. The whole room was filled with a bright light and she saw a man standing near her. She was not afraid. “I knew He was Jesus and He was showing Himself to me because I asked. I knew I had connected with my Creator.”

Listen to her very powerful testimony and be transformed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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