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Jesus Christ Saves 2 Children Buried Alive, I’m Completely Lost For Words!

The incredible miracles that Jesus still produces today for millions of people around the world…

This amazing story floats around the world today. A Muslim man in Egypt finds his wife reading the bible and kills her, then buries her with her two small girls who were still alive. One girl was eight years old and the other was and infant. 15 days later another family member died and when they went to bury him they found the two little girls under the sand still alive!

The older girl of the two was asked how they survived and her answer was “A man wearing shiny white clothes with bleeding wounds on his hands came to feed us everyday”. She said this man woke up her mom (who was deceased…) so that she could feed her baby infant.

This little 8 year old girl was interviewed on Egyptian National TV by a Muslim woman and she said on public TV that “this was non-other than Jesus Christ because nobody else does things like this”. She said because of the wounds on His hands it proved that he was truly crucified and is still alive today.

Many Muslims changed their beliefs that day. Listen to the full detailed story below to hear it all!

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