Jesus Saves Three Faithful Men From Burning To Death (MUST SEE!)

Thrown Into The Fire (The Bible mini series)

In Babylon when the king decides to have a giant gold statue of himself made, he places it before all his officials and citizens and orders them to bow down and worship him. However, the Israelite’s including Daniel had been commanded not to bow down to any other god except the one true father in heaven.

Thus three Israelites being strong in their faith in the Lord did not bow down to the kings order. The King being furious then summons them to be thrown in a massive furnace of fire. The guards force the three men into the furnace and they pour flammable fuel all over them.

The king grabs a torch and throws it at the men and they go up in flames! As the king stands there watching he notices the men are not burning… Suddenly appears a fourth man in the furnace (the forth being Jesus) and in awe, slowly the king walks towards the fire with his hand out attempting to touch the flames like the other men.

The sinful king gets badly burned while the three men walk out of the furnace untouched and unharmed. Daniel with joy wraps his arms around the three men and calls out to the people to rise saying “God is with us!”

May we all have the courage and faith these men did. God bless you all!

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