‘I Just Couldn’t Believe It’: Man’s Home Was Struck by Lightning – But His Bible Survived Unscathed!

After lightening struck a man’s house in Clayton County, Georgia, he was shocked to discover that, despite extensive damage inside the home, his family Bible was left completely unscathed.

Alvin Smith, who is a home inspector, said he was at work when his neighbor called to tell him about the lightening strike and the resulting fire that had broken out inside his house.

That same neighbor also called emergency workers who were able to save the home from the resulting blaze.

“I just couldn’t believe it. You know?” Smith told WSB-TV. “You leave home, go to work, you get a call, you come back and your whole life has changed.”

And it’s lucky for Smith that he wasn’t home at the time, as the lightening struck his home office, a location where he spends most of his time.

Firefighters said that the blaze caused an “aggressive interior attack” as well as smoke damage throughout the home, but somehow the Bible inside didn’t have a mark on it.

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