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Little Boy Sees The Jesus Statue For The First Time! His Reaction Is Absolutely Glorious!

Capture on film baby’s excitement each time statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague is showed to him

I think this is the look we will all have when we see Jesus. Amazement mixed with wonder and delight and a love that shines. Your baby saw Jesus for real at that moment, not just the statue…There is even light surrounding the doll giving it more of an effect.I cried. The music helped to push the tears out of my eyes that welled up. This is beautiful. How wonderful for you to put so much time into glorifying God by showing the look of joy and wonder that would be on all of our faces if The Lord was standing before us. 🙂

The look in the baby’s eyes and face it is as if suddenly the doll is Jesus. I do believe the child really saw Jesus. Whether or not Jesus used the doll to become real for the child is not important. the smile that lights up this baby’s face says everything he is looking at the face of our lord and the love and innocence is truly beautiful god bless your family thank you for this treasure.

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