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Sick Little Girl Says She Was Praying in Her Room When JESUS Came and Healed Her!

Lily burst into her moms room this morning and told her she was “praying alone in her bedroom, and Jesus flew down through her ceiling and He picked her up and healed her with water.” She couldn’t get video on everything she told her earlier, but what made her pick up camera is when she asked, “Was He like daddy (her husband)?” and she said “No!! Not like daddy, like JESUS. He is THE KING! King Abba! He’s like Abba! Jesus King Abba!”

Moms jaw dropped to the floor. Other things she told her that aren’t in the video, she said He “was warm” and He had “brown hairs on his chin” and He had “brown eyes” and He said He “missed her.” She also said He went back to His “castle with a chair and treasure.” He had her “drink water” to “fill her up” and she was “healed.” Living waters is all I can think. This dear child, she never stops amazing her mom with her intimate relationship with the Lord.

Do not be deceived, the Lord speaks and reveals Himself to the little children. She clearly states she was AWAKE when this happened. It was not a dream.

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