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Man Died in a Car Crash, Talked with Jesus and was Sent Back to Life to Tell This Last Days Message

In 1966, Gary Wood was driving with her sister heading to somewhere. Then suddenly, they crashed. As what he can remember, he felt a sharp searing pain running right up to his upper facial features. He felt the crashing on his larynx and just relieved from all the pain and went to heaven.

Gary Wood got involved in motor vehicle accident and he died. His spirit left his body and he was at the gate of heaven. He saw angels and his friend who died earlier. His friend took him to the body-part room. At the time his sister for him in the name of Jesus, he came back to his body. He had severed vocal cord which was healed by Jesus. He is telling us God’s message!

He talked to Jesus, saw angels, went to the room where the Unclaimed Blessings was stored and many more.

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