Michael Bublé’s Son Miraculously Healed & Uncle Gives God The Glory

Singer Michael Bublé put his career on hold after he and his wife heard the words every parent dreads: “Your son has cancer.” But in a remarkable update, 3-year-old Noah’s treatments have been incredibly successful. And his uncle gives God all the glory for miraculously healing Michael Bublé’s son!

Once Noah received his diagnosis of liver cancer, Michael Bublé broke the terrible news on Facebook. He and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, announced they’d be putting their careers on the back burner so they could focus all of their time and attention on Noah’s battle.

Fans all over began praying for little Noah. And the Bublé family leaned on their faith to see them through the difficult time.

It’s a beautiful example of how God can use even the bad stuff in our lives to do amazing things. Noah’s battle not only united the family, but also showed God’s glory!

“It was something that brought us together as a family. God exists,” Dario said.

We’ll continue praying for little Noah and the entire Bublé family. Praise God for this healing!

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