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Miraculously Healed While Reading the Bible

Multiple Sclerosis Miracle Healing By Jesus Christ

After years of denying that her multiple sclerosis was real and living a life without God, Sue’s denial finally caught up her. See how His word helped transformed her and save her in the short video below.
Sue Wynn was twenty-eight years old with a promising career when the first symptoms appeared. After several trips to the emergency room she got disturbing news. “The ER doc said, ‘I must tell you, you have a fifty percent chance of having MS.’ I just dismissed it. I said, ‘I don’t have time for that. This can’t possibly be that. I feel fine.’”

She moved on with her life and career. But one night at home with her husband, her symptoms erupted. “I was sitting watching the evening news with Jeff. And Jeff has a tendency to like to jiggle his foot, and so I said, ‘Jeff, stop jiggling.’ He said, ‘I’m not but you are.’ And I was going like this (head shaking), and then it started going like this (intensity of shaking increased), and then it started to go like that (It grew progressively worse.), and I was scared to death because I didn’t know and I couldn’t stop. It just kept going like that.”

Her family doctor confirmed her fears. “She says, ‘I think this is MS’. My breath just went out of me I couldn’t breathe, you know. ‘How could this be? What? How can this… my whole life is before my eyes and I’m just saying everything is gone.’”

Sue’s husband, Jeff watched as Sue’s health deteriorated. “I was losing her.”

Sue joined an MS support group to cope with the disease. She made friends with a woman there who invited her and Jeff to church. “We were very skeptical at first. I mean me; I was New Age, Buddhism, Hinduism all that mixed together. Here Jeff is an atheist. So what are we doing sitting in a pew?”

Jeff had his reasons for joining Sue in church. “I was agreeing only because I thought it will distract her from the pain and the agony of MS.”



As Sue grew spiritually, her health was deteriorating. The doctors were out of options and offered her chemotherapy in an attempt to slow down the disease. “I got so sick. I just said to Jeff, ‘I can’t – I don’t think I can do this anymore. I really want to stop.’ Within just a few weeks of stopping the chemotherapy everything intensified, everything went downhill. That was very difficult – a very difficult time.”

One Sunday her pastor shocked the congregation. “He was standing in the pulpit and said, ‘I’m going to stick my head out. I’ve had a vision and in it Sue, you are healed.’ And I didn’t believe healing was for today and yet my face lit up and I smiled.”



For more than a decade, Sue has been free of MS. She and Jeff have started a ministry, using her miracle to share Jesus with others.


“What I really want is for others to know Him – intimately. I pray that when I speak to them and when I give them my testimony it makes them hungry, and that they want to pursue God. He is just endless, and what He does is endless. And with Him nothing is impossible.”

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