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Muslim Converts to Christianity After Seeing Jesus in a Dream – What Happens Next Is Crazy

I’ve heard several things about the muslim religion, and it sometimes ends in death if you leave them to convert. The way Umar put it was that they are not a “peaceable” religion as some may think– and what happened to him makes him encouraged to serve Jesus more and expose the lies of this religion.

Umar was a muslim before he really met Jesus Christ. He had a dream of him and fellow mulims in a fire. As he was crying Jesus appeared to him and told him that, “Islam was leading him to this torure. Repent. Be born again. You shall survive.“

After that He decided to give his life to The Lord! He even became an evangelist, leading many muslims to The Lord. He was over a church that 30% of 1000 members were ex-muslims! What an amazing testimony!

But the story’s not over yet… One day he ran into an encounter with enemies who disguised themselves as “believers”. However, The Spirit of The Lord told Umar that he was with the enemy; so he went to get in his car and drive away when he was attacked with acid. Umar suffered several huge burns, but, that didn’t stop him and he is still promoting Jesus Christ! And even more encouraged now than ever before.

When asked how are we to love our enemies, he gave a response that was full of love and sacrifice! One that says to show true love, you need to be willing to lay down your life- to share The Gospel to someone who might receive salvation! Even if it does mean the loss of your own life here on earth.

Go check out this video below for the full story!

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