Muslim Refugee Found God After ISIS Mercilessly Slaughtered Her Husband And Children

Nothing could be more heartbreaking than losing your family. This is what happened to Syrian refugee Amal. In 2015, her husband was killed at the hands of a sniper during the Syrian civil war. She was still grieving when tragedy fell on her children as well.

Just a week after her husband’s death, Amal traveled seven hours away from home to see her sister whose husband also just passed away.

She was there to comfort her not knowing that her children’s lives were in danger. “I left my sons at home and went to visit my sister who lives seven hours away. Her husband had just passed away. I went to comfort her. ISIS members came  into my house while my sons were sleeping and slaughtered them,” she sobbed as she recalled the tragedy.

Heartbroken and in despair, Amal fled Syria and made her way to Greece to try to forget her traumatic past. But it wasn’t easy for her as she was alone in a foreign land.

“I have no one to talk to. I feel my head is going to explode. I cannot sleep unless I take a sleeping aid. I’m not used to being alone. I’m used to having my sons around me,” she said.

But it wasn’t long until God intervened for her situation. Katy, a church volunteer from Apostolic Evangelical Church of Thessaloniki, approached her and hugged her and prayed for her. She also helped her get into fresh clothes.

“When I visited the church on Friday I felt so comfortable and I slept that night without taking a sleeping pill. I was so happy. I loved the program. Everything I heard is so true. It’s all in the Bible. It was a happy day for me,” said Amal.

Amal started having faith in God and it grew even more after she underwent a surgery to remove a spot on her liver. Katy and the rest of the church members were her support system. Amal eventually got baptized and she hopes to forget her past pain and experience a new joyful life with the Lord.

The name Amal means “hope” in Arabic and true enough, she has found hope.

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