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Near Death Experiences: Proof that Jesus Exists

Every time someone has a near death experience and comes back to life he becomes Christian, and he/she is gravitating heavily towards Christ. It is no coincidence that Muslims accept Christ as the son of god, yet no Christians turn Muslim after a near death experience.

Just stay a minute and think at this: everything on this earth has a creator. As an instance, a car is made by an engineer, a house is made by a constructor, a table is made by a carpenter an so on. As long as everything in this world has a person who made them, so a man and a woman have also a person who created them. The creator is GOD and he gave us 10 rules in order to live peacefully, but HE also saw that a person was not able to respect these rules and sent to us a salvation JESUS CHRIST.

All we have to do is to believe in JESUS CHRIST that HE has power to forgive our sins and then HE will transform our old life into a new one and HE also will make us to hate the sin from now on.


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  1. I hope you realize that you are so wrong about Jesus and how much He loves you before it’s too late!!!

  2. I had a near death experience and it changed my life forever, ive seen ppl that passed away, ii seen everything in my life ii seen how my life would be without my kids ii also seen the struggles of this world and how many souls we’re lost and needed to be guided for everlasting life with God. .!! Seen angels and also had a talk of my whole life, my regrets ii wish I had done differently, but once ii was forgiving ii knew it was all gone but ii cried so hare and the love of Jesus was nothing of this world it was so pure, live was like a parents love but my parents went to live on in the spirit world.

  3. I hope you realise how jesus loves you while you are stil lost and been blind by the devil,I want you to open your eyes and see that jesus is coming soon

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