Parents Find Their Little Girl Praying Alone On Baby Monitor

An adorable Sutton Whitt, 2 year old girl had been rushed to bed Sunday night, skipping her regular bedtime prayer with her parents, when her mother says a curious noise caught her attention from another room.
After turning on the baby monitor to check on her daughter, Kathryn Whitt of Seneca, S.C., said she was blown away by the soft, endearing chatter she heard through the device. She shared the heartwarming footage of her daughter Sutton praying while alone in her bedroom on Sunday night on Facebook.
The little girl was caught thanking her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends at school, and even Santa Claus !
“We can all look into our lives and realize that there’s something to be grateful for and just try to find the positive things and the greatest thing.” – father says
The toddler is now eager to pray before bedtime.

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