Prayer for a Miracle

Pray so everything could happen

Sometimes we get into situations which require divine intervention to make things because despite our efforts, sometimes things just don’t work out or seem impossible. Sometimes a wholehearted Prayer For A Miracle can make things work out for you and God will show you the right way. But for that you need to approach God in the right way – with honesty and confidence. Humans tend to make a lot of mistakes and it’s only natural that you too end up making less than ideal choices or fall into trouble due to the mistakes of others. Miracles can work out for you and there are some lifestyle changes you can implement to make them work and let God lead you to the light.
Find out what’s blocking miracles from happening: If your Prayer For A Miracle is not being answered, you should sit and consider what is stopping it. Sometimes it is our inability to trust God wholeheartedly, sometimes we are not fully honest with God and in some cases we might not be able to accept our mistakes. God forgives us all and there’s no reason to stop him from helping you. Identifying the cause of any such blockage and taking necessary steps to remove them will allow God to perform his miracles for you and do what’s best for you.

Believe miracles are symbols of God’s love: You should stop thinking of miracles as a way of God helping you escape from your troubled times, but as a symbol of his love. God only performs miracles for those who want to accept his love. It’s unlikely that miracles will happen if you doubt his love for you or want his help immediately. There’s a time and place for everything and you need to believe in God and accept his love with open arms if you want miracles to happen. And yes, when they do happen do not forget to thank him for whatever he does for you!

Open up to God: Miracles are not going to happen if you are not fully honest. Many of us feel that we can simply pray and escape the consequences of our misdeeds. If you are not fully honest and do not open up to God, then he will not be able to help you. You need to state your situation for what it is and do not hide anything from Him, after all there’s nothing that God doesn’t know and it will only give him pain to see his child hide information when asking for help. Being your true self and opening up your emotions to Him will allow miracles to happen faster and if it’s his will that we want to help you, you will be helped no matter what. Sometimes, that’s all it takes – pure honesty!

Follow God’s orders: If you feel that God is trying to show you a way and deep inside you know that it can rid you of your troubles, then you should follow it no matter what. Sometimes solutions that are given to us by God can be difficult to follow, but He knows what’s right for us and you need to follow him with your heart in the right place. Decisions can be tough sometimes but if you ask yourself if the path shown by him is right or not, you will quickly realize that whatever he does is best for you and it’s only for the better.

Inspire spirituality within yourself: Spirituality is the key to true prayer and you need to be able to fight your inner evils and steer clear of anything that can harm you if you want your prayers to be answered. Spiritual warfare can be difficult, but you should have the strength to fight your demons and allow God to show you the right path. Devotion is important and if you are able to stay true to yourself, then you can rest assured that God loves you and he will perform miracles so you can be free from whatever is troubling you.

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