Scientists Prove Once Again God Exist And Created Everything!

God’s existence in a scientific way. The truth can no longer be refuted and this documentary would certainly compel the atheists to have second thoughts about their denial of the Almighty’s existence.A lot of details and facts had been lost in translation. The new age Christians are puzzled when it comes to the time frame for which the Earth has existed.

Most people have a belief that the Earth has existed since the last 6,000 years. However, this is not true. This is just one of the hundreds of misconceptions that modern-day humans have been carrying in their minds.Over the years the controversies surrounding God’s existence never fail to entertain the non believers all around the world.Perceptions are about to change as this video presents scientific evidence that the Earth and all its attributes are part of a master plan deliberated by a great Creator.

It show God’s amazing appearance through the movement of aquatic, terrestrial, and even aerial animals. Showing thousands of species and it’s mind-blowing how they can all look different from one another yet each carry such distinctive Godly traits. God’s existence is even made known throughout the planets landscapes. The vastness of the Earth alone speaks out for God’s greatness and unparalleled creativity.

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