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A Son’s Prayer Brought This Man Back To Life 45 Minutes After Being Declared Dead By Doctors!

A 37 year old Ohio mechanic has  baffled doctors by coming back to life moments after they stopped trying to revive him. He revived 45 minutes after his heart stopped beating and was declared dead. Tony Yahle was rushed to Kettering Medical Center near his home in Dayton, Ohio after his wife Melissa, a nurse, woke up at 4am and noticed his breathing sounded strange.
She was unable to wake him and performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. First responders found a heartbeat and he remained stable until the afternoon  when his heart stopped.

Mr Yahle, a diesel mechanic, coded for 45 minutes and after doctors failed to revive him, he was pronounced dead by cardiologist Dr Raja Nazir and then something that the doctors can only describe as a medical miracle happened. Here is the amazing story of how just a prayer and a little faith from a grieving son gave this man a second chance at life!

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