Street Preacher Found Guilty Of Crime For Saying “Jesus Is The Only Way To God”

“My heart bleeds for this country, but I am a patriot and I will be back on the streets to preach.”

A UK street preacher who was found guilty of a public order offence after saying “Jesus is the only way to God,” has protested that he is not a hate preacher and that he loves Muslims and gay people, reports The Bristol Post. Michael Overd was convicted of religiously aggravated public disorder after he read from the King James Bible before a crowd of 100 people last year, stating that Muslims are going to Hell.

Overt told the Bristol Crown Court Wednesday that he has “never hated anyone.”

“If we truly love the Muslims we must bring the truth,” he said. “Jesus said any prophet who comes in any other way is a liar and a thief. The Bible and Quran are fundamentally different,” he declared.

“Some of the crowd were very supportive. I’d say five or six thanked us that day. One Christian man was very upset about the abuse that was coming toward us. I didn’t use any abusive words. I was not being disorderly. I was absolutely not intending to abuse anybody,” Overd argued in court, adding that “God is the ultimate judge.”

Watch Michael and discuss/share his arrest below.

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