Teenager’s Sign Saying ‘Thank You Jesus’ Now a Global Movement

In the spirit of the holiday season, we should be grateful for the little things in life. Although it’s hard not to get pulled into the Black Friday shopping craze, Thanksgiving and Christmas are really about spending time with loved ones and bringing good cheer to others.

For Lucas Hunt of Asheboro, North Carolina, acknowledging Jesus and all his goodness has been a normal routine for him. The teenager found the perfect way to remember the love and sacrifice of our Savior while spreading the message to other people of faith.

“It’s an everyday thing,” he once said in a November 2016 interview with WGHP-TV. “You pull out of your driveway, you pull in, you see it and you think of something you’re thankful for.”

Hunt was referring to his “Thank You Jesus” signs at the time. In an effort to bring hope and faith to his local community, he created the yard signs in February 2016 and planted them during Christmas that year.

He was going to do the same for Easter but then realized the signs were still displayed outside of many homes in his neighborhood. Soon, 23,000 signs were being sold and placed in lawns across the nation.

Testimonies have been made in reference to the signs, some saying that it pulled them through difficult times in life. But, sometimes it’s just a testament to being thankful.

“To different people, the sign means different things,” Hunt said. “There’s always a story behind every sign.”

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