Testimony Of Air Force Pilot “There Is A God”

This interesting video by Lion of Judah tells the story of a former air force pilot turned commercial airline pilot as told by a stranger who a man of God met while on a commercial flight. The story tells the testimony of this air force pilot about how he came to be aware of God. He told the preacher as he sat beside him on that commercial flight that he was formally an atheist and had been most of his life until something happened that changed him forever.

This event that changed the pilot occurred when he was flying a solo mission up in the heavens. All the sudden, the pilot had the understanding that he was not alone. He felt the spirit of God as it entered his plane and was overwhelmed like never before with the knowledge that the heavens around him and he himself was created not by happenstance but by God, the holy, one true God.

The Bible verse above explains how the glories of the heavens reveal God’s handiwork. As the video explains, we are such little men/women when the stars come out. Just think about it this way, have you ever experienced what’s it’s like to stand outside and behold the vast expanse of the universe shinning down upon you?

Perhaps, you have felt the same kind of stirring standing on the shoreline, looking out to the ocean. Realizing that God alone has taught the waves how far they can come up the shoreline. It’s amazing to understand this and the many other natural wonders of the world. These wonders serve to showcase God’s majesty and ensure we all understand without a doubt that “there is a God!!”

LISTEN to the pilot’s testimony in the video below!

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