Two Angels Caught on Camera Flying in the Sky in Brazil

A man in Boa Vista, Brazil captured on his camera a very priceless moment that he never expected. At first he thought that it was birds flying in the sky but, he was shocked to see that the winged creatures he saw flying resembles on what we call “Angels”.

In the video below you will see that the winged creatures were freely flying around the skies and you would really think that they are huge birds. But, when it was zoomed in and in slow motion you can see these winged creatures look like human form with arms and legs.

After this video was uploaded last December 2, 2014, it is has gone viral online and making rounds in the internet until now. Some netizens believe that it was real angels while some says that it is only an edited video. They were arguing about this incident but, whatever it is let’s always keep our faith in God.

So, what do you think of this video? Are they real Angels?

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