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Woman Stuns Doctors, Beats Deadliest Brain Cancer Through The Power of Jesus!

Brain Cancer Pushes Woman’s Faith to the Limits

When Jennifer’s flu-like symptoms turned out to be stage 3 brain cancer, she and her husband believed God would heal her. With only a few months to live, they embarked on a test of faith they didn’t see coming.
Tonya Talley was Jennifer’s oncology nurse. “A glioblastoma multiform is a primary brain tumor that is malignant, it is cancerous,” says Tonya. “It is considered not curable, even at early stage diagnosis.”

Jennifer stood firm in her belief that God would heal her. She endured chemo and radiation for the next few months, with Irven by her side.

Jennifer’s faith was bolstered by the many people praying for her.

“My mom and my stepdad at their church, everybody they knew was praying,” says Jennier. “My whole entire family is praying, their churches were praying. My Mary Kay family that I had been in for years at that point was praying. I mean, I had consultants and directors all across the United States, all across the world, praying for me.”

“The prayer chain was just overwhelming,” says Irven. “Because we’d get notifications that they, ‘Hey, you’re on our prayer chain.’ It was all over the place.”

“God was 100% part of Jennifer’s healing,” says Tonya. “Glioblastoma is a primary brain cancer that can take people’s lives. For her to be here seven years later is a true miracle.”

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